Anorexia. The worst problem is that people who have suffer from it, don’t see it. Spot was on the air on 2005.


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Fevi Kwik Ads

Two art directories for an interesting outdoor campaign for Fevi Kwik.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Abhijit Avasthi
Art Directors: Samir Sojwal, Akshay Thakur
Copywriter: Yogesh Pradhan
Photographer: Makarand Shiraskar

Fevi Kwik Ads

Fevi Kwik Ads

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Best Ads Jan 02, 2008

The week’s best TV commercials- great review.

Best Ads Jan 02, 2008

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Nespresso What Else Commercial

Interesting Nespresso What Else Commercial, with George Clooney.

Nespresso What Else Commercial

Nespresso What Else Commercial

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LPDA- Animals are not clowns

Animals are not clowns.
Portuguese Animal Rights League.

Advertising Agency: Partners Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Directors: Lourenço Thomaz, Susana Sequeira
Art Director: Ivo Purvis
Copywriter: Pedro Lima
Retoucher: ImageNation
Photography: GettyImages / Corbis

LPDA- Animals are not clowns

LPDA- Animals are not clowns

LPDA- Animals are not clowns

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2008 Renault Ad

Great ad for Renault encouraging sport!

2008 Renault Ad

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Berliner Philharmoniker Ads

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Michael Winterhagen
Art Director: Philipp Weber
Copywriter: Nils Busche
Illustrators: Philipp Weber, Tina Kron
Graphic: Friederike Hamann
Account Supervisors: Joerg Mayer, Mandy Tschoepe

Berliner Philharmoniker Ads

Berliner Philharmoniker Ads

Berliner Philharmoniker Ads

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John McCain 2008

John McCain 2008- TV Ad: “One Man”

John McCain 2008- TV Ad: “One Man”

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One- Watch catalogue

One is a local watch brand that asked us to develop a new way of presenting their catalogue to retailers. Getting attention was the objective in a tremendously competitive and sales force demanding market.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Directors: Chacho Puebla, Joao Roque
Art Director: Pedro Roque
Copywriter: Pedro Ribeiro
Other Additional Credits: Ana Ventura

One- Watch catalogue

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Adidas Originals- Fall collection

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Germany, Berlin
Creative Directors: Kurt Georg Dieckert, Stefan Schmidt
Art Director: Björn Löper
Copywriter: Lina Jachmann
Photographer: Christian Schütze
Graphic: Klaus Cordeiro
Management Supervisor: Bela Ziemann
Project Manager: Bettina Leusch
Art Buying: Martina Kersten

Adidas Originals- Fall collection

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